KMK/ICC Course…

Just came back from 2 days Innovative and Creative Circle Course, ICC at Cendekiawan Hall IPPTAR with other MOI staffs- girls and boys. I think I’m the only senior citizen/ warga emas  of  MOI who attended the course which I think means for the young personnels? Probably ‘they’ thought that I am still young?… Or maybe ‘they’ have something in mind for me in the future?

Well, I took the challange… Learning is a never an ending story eh?

Cikgu Rahman, the guru in this field  was so good. The first time I attended this course was about 25 years ago, when I was still young and vibrant. Now after soooo many years I’ve got to learn all over again. Such a slow catcher. Luckily the cikgu was patient enough to answer my stupid questions  and answered me with full of perseverance.

Sitting almost at the front was a a great mileage to me. I can see clearly whatever points, notes, charts etc written on the white board and also the power points presentation. Well, as the head of the QCC/ICC of IPPTAR, I think  this course would be a great help for me to lead our group. Jumpa lagi adik-adik dalam mesyuarat KMK kita!!!

Terima kasih cikgu Rahman.


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