This is me, Kham, 54 and the writer…


4 responses to this post.

  1. My dear Kham – You look ravishingly beautiful! I look forward in meeting you sometime in Kl/ Malayasia.
    Salaams & very best wishes,
    Yours ever to remain,

  2. Hii Sahriar, thanks for the compliments. How’s Sri Lanka? I was there in Colombo for one month in 1991, attending a radio/tv couse at SLBC…love your country.

  3. My dear Kham,
    Especially when I like you so much you deserve many more compliments – unlimited! You did not reply to my 2nd sentence of my mail? By the way, I come from Dhaka, Bangladesh not Srilanka & off course my country is beautiful. Look forward to hear from you more often. Stay close & stay connected.

    Ver best wishes & Salaams – Shahriar

  4. Ops, dear i am sorry. You are from Bangladesh. Thanks for the compliments…regards.


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