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A lucky me…

Just imagine, after 14 years of not involving in TV production, I am now producing a 30 minutes documentary program for behind the scene of the TV Documentary Production Course for international participants…i began to love this task…walking miles and miles during shootings, sitting for hours right in front of the computer for previewing the rushes and for non-linear editing…

Thinking back, I am very lucky to have the opportunity working in broadcasting. 29 years in broadcasting, been in radio for more than 20 yrs and with TV for almost 9 yrs…been to many parts of the world, attending radio / TV courses, seminars on broadcasting, working with NHK World, in Tokyo, Japan for 4 yrs, a trainer, a newscaster, a producer, been the manager of the radio stations in Langkawi, Penang and back in KL…producing radio and TV programmes…Now a TV Trainer…still producing TV programmes…hmmm…I feel great!!!


a best friend

What is a best friend? The one who will cry with you and is always there to help you when you are in need…not a friend who wants you to understand her/him alone… but she/ he does not try to understand you…Why were you there to be with her while she was down? …while where is she/ he when you are in need?

I just feel like running away from here…please somebody help me…i want to be away from here….